Buying Surplus Goods Can Save You Money

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The Process: Everything You Need to Know

Here’s how it works. We contact surplus companies and regular companies to see if they have any goods they are looking to unload. Most companies already have places to unload their leftover inventory, so it can be tough to wiggle in but it’s not impossible. We’re pretty good at sweet talking companies and building relationships because we’ve been at this for a good amount of time.

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The key is to build a relationship and not just begging for their stuff. Companies get approached several times a day by novice internet wannabes, asking them for stuff. Any company that’s been in business for any length of time will have a hard shell around them. They’re used to fighting off all the crazy requests they get. Your job is to be abnormal. Offer them something instead of just asking to purchase their excess inventory.

You don’t have to offer anything really big, but it’s the thought that counts here. You could offer to promote some of their products on your Facebook page or to your email list. A small gesture like that could be enough to make them fall in love with you.

I’m not going to give you anymore examples because you want to get creative with the process. Everyone in the uncensored world has access to this website, so you don’t want me to give a whole bunch of examples. That will stifle your creativity and you’ll use my examples as your template along with a million other people.

Spamming is a huge problem on the internet and you wouldn’t want your messages to read the same as the messages from spammers. You can learn more about how spamming is degrading the quality of the internet here.

Next thing you know, all of the companies in the world will be immune to the examples on this website. That’s why you have to come up with your own hook, line, and sinker.

The Follow Up

After sending your initial email, wait two days before following up. Sometimes companies get busy and forget to reply to your email even though they intended to reply. Following up 2-3 days later will increase your response rate by 24% or more. The numbers will be lower for you since you’re new at this but it will still increase your success rate.

If they reply to the first email, they’re interested. They might not have any excess inventory at the moment, but they’ll put you on their buyers list. Companies that don’t have steady buyers are always looking for places to unload their inventory to make room for the newest gizmos. For a company to take the time to reply to you at all means a lot, even if the answer is no.

When you get your first yes, things will move fast. The details of what happens next will vary from company to company but it’s a similar process. You and the company will enter into the negotiation phase. If you’re happy with the first quote they gave you, then you don’t have to negotiate. Saving a few cents per item on a big order could increase your profitability by a wide margin so it might be worth it to push the envelope. Remember, everything in life is negotiable.

Make The Purchase

After settling on a price everything is pretty straightforward. They’ll send you an invoice and you’ll purchase the stock. Some companies require the full payment upfront, others require a down payment and allow for payment plans. The way you decide to pay for it is up to you. If you can’t afford to pay it all upfront, getting a small loan or using your credit card will allow you more time to finish paying. Smaller orders always require the full payment upfront. After paying they’ll ship your goods and then you get to do what you do best, move products.

Hopefully you found this guide helpful and don’t forget to read the pro tip below!

Pro Tip: Use industry jargon

I’ll give you an example for this but I can’t give you anymore pitch examples for the reasons stated above. When approaching a site like, you would want to use vape slang in your email.

Don’t say, “Hey my fellow smokers! Do you have any excess smoke sticks in your inventory that I could buy in bulk?” Your email would go right in the trash and wouldn’t even get a response. An email like that is as good as salt to a slug. Using words like atty or cigalikes would help them to feel like you’re part of their community. When a company feels connected with you, they’re more likely to do business with you.