The 4 Best Places To Buy Cheap Goods Online

If you like to save money, you’ve come to the right place. By signing up for various newsletters and keeping an eye out for deals, you’ll be able to find some amazing things online. The four best places to buy cheap goods online are listed below.

1. Amazon

amazon-logo  We’re sure you’re familiar with the world’s largest eCommerce site, Amazon. Their website is a great place to find good deals. If you’re a Prime member, then you get access to even more deals. Amazon can be a really good place to get cheap items. You’d be surprised. The cool thing about Amazon is that they have a lot of major brands that sell on their channel. Unfortunately, Apple and Amazon don’t seem to be on good terms. If you’re looking to get Apple products for cheap, your best bet is to buy them used from regular people on apps like OfferUp or sites like Craigslist.

2. eBay

ebay-logoYou’d be surprised at how much great stuff you can find at an obvious site like eBay. People don’t think of it as a surplus site, but that’s exactly what it is. The surplus goods from all over the world end up on eBay. Amazon is a lot different than eBay. Unlike Amazon, eBay doesn’t have many official brands that host a shop. It’s mostly composed of random people who have something to sell. People can make a good living by selling random items on eBay.

You also have stores that operate more like brands but they’re usually knockoffs. You can buy legitimate namebrand stuff on eBay, but it’s usually from a regular person and not a store. The stores sell not as well known name brands. We each have several friends that order surplus items from China, mark up the price, and sell it on eBay. That leads us to our next shopping spot.

3. Ali Express and Alibaba

ali-express-logoThese two eCommerce giants are a force to be reckoned with. They both have thousands, if not millions of surplus goods. Ali Express is the retail site. It’s comparable to eBay. You’ll hear people refer to it as, “the Chinese eBay.” We don’t really like that phrase. Even though eBay was around first, we like to call eBay “the American Ali Express” because Ali Express is way better.

There’s a larger selection of items on Ali Express and they’re almost always cheaper. Ali Express has sellers that are in the states, but the majority of sellers are from China. It’s the reverse of eBay. If you don’t mind waiting a while to get your items, then Ali Express is a surplus shoppers dream.

Alibaba is the wholesale arm of the Ali companies. On Ali Express you can buy singular items. This isn’t the case on Alibaba. Every vendor sets their minimum order quantity on Alibaba because it’s a wholesale only site. Some of the MOQs can be humongous. Unless you own a store or just like to stockpile surplus items, then you’d be better off shopping at Ali Express.

4. Wish

wish-logoIf you have never visited Wish, you should check it out. It seems like it was created to compete with Ali Express. We’ve ordered a few items from there and from Ali Express and we can’t tell the difference. Either a lot of the same vendors sell on both platforms, or people are buying from Ali Express and selling the items on Wish. We say this because Ali Express is usually the cheaper site. One thing to note, Wish’s website looks amazing. Tip of the cap to their GUI team.

Leave a comment about your favorite place to shop online and describe why, even if it’s not on the list. If you find a hidden gem, we’ll add it to the list.

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